Using closecontact

I’m a club/venue/promoter and I want to use closecontact. How do I sign up?
Email team@closecontact.club and one of our team will get back to you.
I’m a club outside of Berlin. Can I use closecontact?
Send us an email — team@closecontact.club.
How do I report bugs?
Write to us at team@closecontact.club.
I’ve lost my pass! What do I do?
You can make a new pass anytime.
I want to delete my pass.
Delete the pass from your device. We don’t have access to retrieve your personal information, so if you want to use closecontact again, you’ll need to make a new pass.
I’ve changed my phone number/email address.
You can make a new pass anytime, and delete any previous passes that you might have. We don’t store your information when you create a pass.
I’ve changed my phone number and/or email address since I checked in at a club in the last 30 days. What should I do?
Get in contact with the club to let them know that your contact information is out of date. We recommend making a new pass with your new information, so that you’re ready for future visits.
Does this pass guarantee entry into a club?
No. This pass does not guarantee entry into any specific club.
What if my phone runs out of battery?
If you are concerned about your phone battery life, we suggest printing out your pass and taking it with you in your wallet. Just be sure to keep it up to date with your current contact info.
Does closecontact cost anything to use?
closecontact is free to use for both clubs and guests.
How long is my pass valid for?
Your pass can be used any time you go to a club, for as long as you need to share contact details. However, as the infection control laws change, we may have to ask you to update your pass with more or less information.


Can the door staff see my contact details?
No. When scanning a pass, the door staff can only tell that it’s a valid closecontact pass. They cannot access the data embedded in the pass. The club administrator can see your contact information if they later need to decrypt the log for the health authorities.
Can the door staff/clubs see if I’ve been to other clubs?
No. The club can’t see if you’ve been to another club.
Does closecontact record how often I go to clubs, or which clubs I go to?
No. Each check-in at a club is individually encrypted. The personal data associated with a check-in is not readable by us (closecontact team). This means we can’t see your contact details, how often you go out, which clubs you go to, or where else you’ve been.
What happens to my data?

When you create a pass, a QR code is generated with your encrypted contact details. We do not store any of your data at the point of pass creation.

When you check in at a club, the door staff will scan your pass, but they are not able to read your contact details. For 30 days, the club administrator can decrypt the check-in log at the request of the Berlin health authorities. After 30 days, your contact details will be deleted from the club’s check-in log. We retain the check-in log for a further 7 days for backup purposes, but neither us nor the club can decrypt the data in it.

Who can see my data?
Only the club administrator can see your data, if they download the check-in log for the health authorities.
Where is my data stored?
Check-in logs are stored in a database hosted on Amazon Web Services in Germany.
Can the QR code be used for anything else?
No. Your closecontact pass is encrypted and can’t be scanned or used elsewhere.
Does the app track my location?
No, we do not track your phone location.
Do you use cookies/analytics?
No, we don’t use cookies or analytics software on the guest site.

About closecontact

How is closecontact funded?

closecontact is funded by the personal donations of the team working on it — both in time and in Euros. We are not interested in monetizing the product, the data or our users. However, if you would like to sponsor us to help with our operating costs, please reach out to team@closecontact.club.

Who is behind closecontact?
closecontact is built and maintained by a group of music tech professionals based in Berlin. Most of us moved to Berlin for the clubs here, and we wanted to do something to help.