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closecontact is a unique and secure COVID-19 contact-sharing app built especially for Berlin nightclubs by Berlin clubgoers

closecontact is a custom contact-sharing web app for data-conscious Berlin nightclubs developed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. As the nightlife industry navigates this new reality, closecontact provides a solution for the city’s lifeblood venues and has garnered the support of the Berlin Club Commission.

closecontact takes the beloved Berlin nightclub experience into deep consideration throughout each aspect of its functionality. Conceived of and designed by a team of local music tech professionals and avid music lovers, closecontact offers nightclubs a simple yet crucial tool for the goal of reopening in strict accordance with infection-control regulations.

closecontact is a more sustainable, privacy-minded and hygienic alternative to many common contact-sharing methods. closecontact’s free web app instantly generates an electronic pass — an encrypted QR code — once a user submits their basic contact details: their name, email address and phone number.

The QR code is quickly scanned by a club’s door staff on entry, where the only information displayed is of the pass’s validity status. All passes and their encrypted data are automatically deleted after 30 days. In the event that a club’s patrons need to be contacted, the venue’s nominated administrator would gain access to that night’s log to securely submit the records to the health authorities.

closecontact aims to responsibly return the diehard regulars, the visitors and the clubbers of every niche scene back into their favourite venues, safe in the knowledge that current measures have been accounted for while they remain in control of their personal details.

closecontact was developed by a group of engineers, lawyers, designers and music lovers from the music tech industry, with additional help from the Berlin Club Commission and a handful of venues. Between them, the team has worked at companies such as SoundCloud, Beatport, Resident Advisor, Ableton, LiveNation and Defected Records.

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